It is from them that the “scientific revolution” was born. This produced the “Industrial Revolution” and we are living with the devastating consequences. If we take a closer look at these apparently world-changing events, we see all the same players literally making up the Rules as they pleased. “Science” was not at all scientific, except for a very few exceptions. As it is today, there was more concern about “first to discover/ first to invent” than real research. Accolades were given out like candy. Titles and prestige were created for “achievements” in exactly the way bankers bonuses are based on increased wealth. So there was an urgency to get results. This is where the whole House of Cards falls down. Because they were the same gene-pool, there was no-one to check them. Scientists of all nationalities made statements of “facts” by consensus- no evidence required. This is how we were given the distance to the sun, the speed of Light, the distance to our moon and the Earth wobbling on its axial rotation.

So a new World Order could mean someone came along and told everyone they had been conned. None of the data is correct. If it is wrong- if any of it is wrong, then the whole illusion comes crashing down. No trips to the moon or Mars. No rockets circumnavigating our solar system and no measure for the speed of Light. For those of you interested in the science, there’s plenty to discover here. Or, if you want to know how that puts money in your pocket, check out the “social” content. I have included “spirit” because we must expand our consciousness at an individual level to include our non-physical experience of the world we live in. This is the realm of Happiness, Fulfilment, Love, Dreaming, Creativity, God. If “science” as it is taught today cannot address the fundamental issues of being Human, then it is obviously not the sole authority on what defines Reality and what we can know of the world around us. We may, as a species become more enhanced consciously. In which case the global education system will have a holistic approach to any of the Disciplines. I think a New World Order or a New Order of the Ages is right on time. This is a sign of the incoming Age of Aquarius. A New Age. Out of the secrecy and darkness of the Age of Pisces and into the Light pouring down from above. According to all records, there is always great upheaval both physically and in consciousness during a change-over from one Age to the next.

This was why the Maya and other great civilizations tracked the progress of the constellations. The location of our solar system to our galaxy has a profound effect on all Life here on Earth. Humans have used star patterns to predict these cyclic events. It was merely the Pisces Effect that caused us to sink to the depths. After all, it is a water sign. There will be many who drown in ignorance. Those who rise up will welcome a new reality. One based on Truth, using not only the creative faculties but critical thinking that knows Freedom of thought means freedom to question( accreditation to R.T.com).

May the Force be with you,