The moon’s distance – calculations explained

The second diagram below shows the minimum distance for an object to be seen by half the planet simultaneously. Any farther, then, like the sun, half the planet would see the object and its distance could not be calculated using rise/set observations. But the moon cannot be observed simultaneously over 180˚. For example, when it …

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Money represents energy. Dealers would like you to believe otherwise. That is how they make their profits. Catch-phrases like ‘market-forces’, buying trends, hedge-funds, consumer confidence are all designed to give the money lender an air of authority. So you don’t question the very nature of the whole financial system. But the catastrophic economic mess the …

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Wisdom and Technology

Technology, the fusing of science and commerce, has probably been the single greatest contributor to shaping the modern philosophy. We cannot hide from the fact that the development of technology was driven by mechanization, mass-production and there-after big business. This is causing an ever-widening split between knowledge and wisdom. Even today there is a belief that a knowledge-driven economy is more powerful …

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