This website was created with the singular goal of changing our Reality.

You have been told for many years to fear The New World Order. But stop for a moment and think about it. Who told you to fear it? Obviously, as in cui bono, you need to figure who would want you to continue with the systems currently in place. Make a note too, that the way we are taught from the cradle to the grave has not changed much in the last 2000 years. Sure, the names have changed. You’re not ruled by Kings and Emperors anymore. They are called presidents and company chairmen. You no longer live in a feudal system- it is now called democracy.

The Jesuits were among the first to realize that “education” was the means to control the masses. By indoctrinating the people with a specific point of view, even a particular way of thinking, the outcome would be predictable and therefore programmable. Religion plays a very strong role, but if you check the connections and the players, you will find they are all one clique. The so-called split between Religion and State was merely a Show having the same value in distraction as the Gladiator games served in ancient Rome. It is from this pool of controllers that the fear of a new world order was devised. The root goes back over 500 years. The people who had the power, wealth and education were the church and aristocracy.