The Sun, our Great Father

Photo by tom balabaud on

Our Sun really is the physical aspect of our Heavenly Father.

Without our sun there could be no life as we know it. Granted, our description of life is limited and paradoxical. Without our sun we could not have the sense of time that we experience that gives us an interpretation of the physical world we see around us. Only because it acts as a fulcrum, do we see our progression round the Heavens annually.

Our circular motion causes us to see a pattern of stars along the ecliptic (the path of the sun). This identification allows us to see the repetition of a cycle that is caused by our planet orbiting our star. This repetition allows us to predict and memorise, thus we have future and past. This is our physical reality.

Our Sun is our Father, and Earth is our great Mother. Our physical being is of Earth.

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