Intent and the Universe


What you ‘Will’ is the navigation tool, exactly the way you use a mouse on a computer or a steering wheel. Here’s why…

Every molecule in the universe is a unit of energy. This energy packet is created by 3 forces acting in tangent. We visualise them as 6 forces, because each one has an equal opposite pole, much like magnetism (in fact, it is the essence of magnetism). Visually these forces are at right angles to each other. In our reality we describe them as future/past = E/W. The moment ‘now’ is described by N/S. And ‘being’ as Above/Below.

A helpful concept would be a human figure facing East. What stops them from sinking or floating is the force corresponding with Above/Below. The figure does not slide left or right. This force is the direction N/S, similar to magnetism.

So, your Being is dependant on these external forces pushing you in a particular direction that you apparently have no hold over. We call this Experience, Destiny, Coincidence or any other reference of a series of interactions with you that you didn’t select before hand.

Here’s the rub. At a subliminal level you can choose those experiences. And you choose the next moment exactly like you choose what to clothe yourself in. At a basic level, we all enter the body for a series of experiences that we need to alter our vibration. Some choose higher, some choose lower. There is no right or wrong. It is all energy. The higher is experienced as more ecstatic and therefore desirable – this is a difficult one to describe because it is not physical, but for the purpose of explaining I need to use physical metaphors, for instance the sensation one feels when they experience a beautiful sunset, the birth of a child, the smell of wet rain, jumping out of a plane, it’s a feeling, a sensation of elation, of oneness with the cosmos… Whereas those choosing a lower frequency prefer the physical/animal version of ecstasy, through only seeking physical stimulus in the form of, food, drink, clothes, sexual stimulation, sports and so on. To compare the two frequencies would be like equating drinking bleach with drinking spring water. Between these two extremes there are a huge number of frequencies to experience. Only you know what is best for you. The easiest way to know this is to visualise what makes you happy. The longer the list, the closer you are to attaining your happiness.

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