The Curious Concept of Direction

The curious concept of direction (N/S, E/W) is an abstract.

It does not really exist. We have created it to anchor ourselves, as it were.

East is not a location fixed on earth, even though we project this concept on maps. If East was fixed on earth, then East is a constantly moving location. This would cancel its viability for making any astronomical calculations.

In fact, the directions are star-based. The zodiac constellations are the fulcrum because from earth, they appear to lie in the same path as the Sun travels daily. In others words, they correspond with earth axial rotation relative to the sun.

The international date line and time zones are purely arbitrary inventions to give us order for means of communication.

The choice of stars as markers was the fact from our relative speed and distance, they appear to stand still. Cycles of time stretching thousands of years have been recorded by all the previous civilizations. This was the correct way of applying their knowledge. After all, if you want your astronomical location to enhance your life, then why not have its precise location?

That is why the combinations of star systems and planetary movements relative to them were defined as Ages, represented by the zodiac signs. Each combination produced a predictable outcome of physical events (volcanic activity, earthquakes, freak weather etc.) and then one could take appropriate action.

We need to understand the astronomical language again.

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