Creative thinking as a Social System

The Human intellect has a certain way of being aware. This is different from the awareness of being Human as opposed to being aware of a horse or a tree. Out of an entire community of people, there may be one or two that have this type of intellect. Then, due to the way humans have grouped as social beings the “intellectuals” have been able to assimilate their way of being aware and spreading it to whole communities rapidly. A simple analogy would be the harnessing of electricity. The entire planet uses this source of energy, yet very few can say how it is harnessed. That there are various levels of self-consciousness can be seen in animals too.

There are many scientific experiments being conducted to test the self-awareness of different species of animals, with very interesting results. Anecdotally, stories of animals acting in ways that imply self-awareness have been around for centuries. Tales of the goat, horse, and bird being able to count, knowing the location of loved ones, even their health and safety are the material of common folks tales globally. The mistake is the idea that one level( of awareness) fits all. I am discussing this difference in an attempt to understand what went wrong. As a species, our group should be working toward preserving our lot. Yet history shows that we have used this self-awareness that we call Intelligence to be destructive, not only to our own species but all forms of Life.

The fault seems to lie in the greatest number of anything. People, plants, animals, water, rock. This is what is meant by having Power. The only way to reverse this is for the manufacture of all weapons to cease. This must include all bio-weapons and the use of the magnetic field to create harmful vibrations.

But this cannot even be considered with the current mindset.

To get to the root of the problem we need to look at the whole “education system”. Whereas the introduction of ‘free’ education appeared altruistic in Victorian society, in fact, it was merely another tool to control large groups of people. Religious doctrine had previously been the weapon, but with the onset of the Industrial Age and the Sciences, a new method was found.

The most important feature of all these programs was the destruction of ‘critical thinking’ and creativity. The earlier the program is implemented, the easier it is to destroy the human instinct of curiosity and creativity. It is cliche today all children ask ‘why’ without let up. But first religion and then the method of teaching in schools ensure the child learns the benefit of not questioning anything. By the time they reach puberty, in most cases, the damage is beyond repair. Yet leaders in any field must have both abilities. The ability to assess information using critical analysis and to be creative in finding solutions. Only then will we get the society that enhances our lives and those of future generations.

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