Beware of being busy to be busy.

We often keep busy so that we can avoid the deeper feelings of existence. Why me? Why now? What is my purpose? To whom will it make a difference? Why does that matter?
We create a list of goals, ambitions, imagined desires just so we fill up our thinking time with irrelevant data.

One of the ways you can see this in practice is mainstream media. Scraps of news local, national and international are peppered with “IQ tests”, “brainteasers”, pornography and advertisements to distract you from your real purpose in being.
That is to feel good about yourself, your environment, both social and natural. When any of this is out of balance you are also out of balance. Keeping you out of balance is the desire of those who want to use your power for themselves. You shop, you consume, you use social media to vent your frustration or give you a respite through visual, audible stimulation. This could be as benign as rainfall or as brutal as physical violence. Your energy is harvested by the concept of ‘money’. This is how you consume, at any level. Mortgage, car plan, food, clothes, “entertainment” (this is a broad brush stroke from movies, sports to videos and games) to name a few of the ways you are encouraged to part with your energy.

When you focus on anything you are giving it your energy. For you to be the beneficiary of that expenditure of energy, you need to focus on things that directly benefit you. Even looking at the beautiful view takes energy. It benefits you because the sensation of pleasure you feel is your body releasing ‘happy’ hormones at the sight. This applies to all forms of stimuli be it music, songbirds, the feel of stroking your dog or cat, even the sensation of rain on you on a hot day.

The harvesters found multiple ways of monetising this desire to feel good and in balance. First, by providing artificial stimuli in the forms of theatre, sports, parades and now the tech controllers who give you 10 second videos of every diversion while tracking your eye movements to ensure they have your focus.

You become the aphid for their ant, they milk your energy the way the ant milks the aphid. The automaton generating your energy for their use.
This may be the perfect solution for you. Someone else has taken all the decisions. You have to simply enjoy what is put in front of you. The more information you give about yourself, the more they will be able to give you stimuli that can keep you focused so you don’t need to do anything.
Then you will see they can make you feel good without you having anything except a small screen with audio/videos to engage with for the day. And the week, and the years.

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