Heaven and Hell – part 2

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

The change has begun.

There are those who will become aware of the spiritual realms of the higher planes, the lower planes and, those that will choose to stay in the physical plane. Each will die for their beliefs or in their beliefs and it is this – their belief, that dictates which realm they will continue to experience after they have died in this realm.

Those whose consciousness has expanded, encompassing more of out there, as in here, will experience our description of Heaven. Paradise. Harmony. Union. One-ness with all.

Those who have reduced their information in this plane will have lowered their vibration and then they will experience what we call Hell.

By reducing their absorption of information, their vibrations slow down. The information which is absorbed via the hormones (emotions) is the means by which the atomic vibration is increased.

By limiting their input, the body is slowed down at every level. Those that choose this world will be reborn into it in some form until, after many cycles, they choose another plane.

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