Money represents energy. Dealers would like you to believe otherwise. That is how they make their profits. Catch-phrases like ‘market-forces’, buying trends, hedge-funds, consumer confidence are all designed to give the money lender an air of authority. So you don’t question the very nature of the whole financial system. But the catastrophic economic mess the world is in today is proof that the system does not work. The dealers know this. They knew from the start that the concept of a Stock Exchange was simply a fancy name for a gambling casino.

But once you understand that money represents energy, you’ll see that its value cannot fluctuate. Money is an abstract concept representing the value of the goods it will buy. In other words, a coin of precious metal was used instead of barter, where goods were exchanged for other goods. This is not a new idea. Currency has been used for thousands of years. But the fluctuating value of money is a relatively new concept closely linked with the invention of paper money.

Yet the energy of any product, be it an apple or a sky-scraper building cannot change. There is a fixed amount of energy required to produce both. And a fixed amount of human labor to get anything to the retail exchange point. For example, an apple picked from the tree in your garden took a certain amount of energy to become an apple. And then another amount was used to pluck it from the tree. When it was grown in a foreign country, picked, packed, transported to a ship, brought to your country, transported to a distributor who then sold it to a retailer who took it to a retail point, that Apple has cost far more energy than the one you plucked from your tree. That is a huge carbon footprint. This rule of including all the energy used is the real value of the commodity. This would also include the energy required to recycle a product, whether it’s an apple core or nuclear waste.

Once the total energy value of an item is known, that product will always be that value. And the farther it travels, the more its cost, as the energy value increases. This would instantly resolve the problem of protectionism, where a country wants to restrict the import of cheap goods that undermine its own economy. There is one more factor to be considered. Though at first glance the rich countries may not like the look of it, they like to go to foreign countries where their incomes look like a king’s ransom.

They get more for their money. That’s understandable. And as long as their military and economic power dominate global trade deals, which maintain very low wages in developing countries, they will not want to change the status quo. But the times are changing. The so-called super-powers are no longer so super. It is time for everyone to appreciate that we live on a sphere. Any action in one place will eventually return to its source. The ‘butterfly effect’ has come full circle. You may think your personal debt is a local problem between yourself and your lender. In fact, it is probably owned by China or the United Arab Emirates. These countries have loaned trillions of dollars to America and Europe. And because of their buying power, the also maintain a lot of their export market. So the job you do is also dependent on foreign countries.

This means that protectionism simply cannot be imposed. You cant tell your neighbor to buy you a car, give you a job, so you can afford to pay them back and live the good life, and then tell them you don’t want to use their petrol stations, which was the means by which they had the money to buy you the car!

But here is the solution. Any item that humans use has to be taken out of our Mother earth and then exchanged for some other item from earth. An apple, space station and everything in between is a product of the earth. Human energy is required to get it to the point of its purpose. This human energy is limited. A person has only a fixed number of years in which they can be productive.

Manual workers may start earlier than academics such as lawyers or doctors, but the manual worker cannot work as long as the academics because of the nature of their work, so it always balances out.
It would be a simple calculation to find how many working hours a person can do in a lifetime. And then by consensus, globally agree on what the basic needs each human should have for life. For example, a safe home, food, clothing, healthcare, education, travel, leisure. The energy costs of these provisions are then added together, and divided by the working hours of a person’s life. This is the value of the monetary unit. This figure is fixed, globally. Everyone from the plumber to the prime minister gets the same hourly rate. This will have three instant benefits. The level playing field globally would mean a stop to economic migration, which always disenfranchises the labor of the host country. It would mean people would choose careers they really wanted to do rather than considering prestige and accumulation of wealth. And there would be no problem of protectionism, as there would no longer be the wage imbalance that creates cheap imports.

When governments anywhere in the world tell their citizens that a foreign investor is a good thing, they are working for big business – not the welfare of their citizens. Big businesses are not charities. They want to make huge profits. That’s how they got big. When you see money is energy the profit is energy being taken from one source and used by someone who did not expend that energy. Let’s simplify that. If ten people pick ten baskets of apples and each one takes their basket of apples home, they have each expended a certain amount of energy and the gain has been a basket of apples. But if these same ten people have to give nine baskets to the owner of the orchard, then share one basket between themselves, the owner got their energy – or most of it.

In the case of big business, it is even worse. The ratio is a lot closer to the ten people sharing one apple while the business takes ten baskets less one apple! This system of evaluating the maximum human energy and equating it with money is the only way to have real global equality. Do not be fooled into thinking it is some form of Communism. This is how it would be portrayed by Vested Interests – the orchard owners. It is not about everyone being equal. We are all born unique and with different needs. What is our God-given birthright, is to be treated equally. I don’t say that as a form of speech. We were created with the ability to become self-aware as a species. This is a process that is still developing and expanding.  It is this that has become aware of Justice and Equality.

The first means the same laws must apply to all equally. The second means all have equal rights. It’s that simple. If we cannot apply this to the Human species, how can we become aware that all life on our Mother earth has equal rights? If we keep believing that we were given self-awareness to dominate and control, it won’t be long before we wipe out all life on the surface of Mother Earth. We humans play exactly the same role as skin cancer. We are Mother Earth’s cancer. But we can heal her. By understanding we are merely one life-form of many that make up her skin, we will realize that energy only changes form. The quantity of energy remains the same. The average human lifespan is around nine hundred months. Think…

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