The World is Falling!

If you’ve completed secondary (high school) school, the chances are you have a vague understanding that the Earth and Planets orbit the Sun in a series of concentric rings.

You may also know of solstices (winter/summer) and equinoxes (spring/autumn), which are markers for Earth’s seasons.

What you may not know is “precession”, which is described as Earth’s wobble, whereby Earth’s North Pole makes a complete circle in 26,000 years. This is known because the Sun rises in a new sign of the zodiac every 2160 years. So we’re coming out of the Age of Pisces and entering Aquarius. We will know this time because Aquarius will be the background constellation on the spring equinox (22nd March) at sunrise.

Right there is all the information you need to know something is wrong with the data – or the interpretation of data.

Astronomers are in agreement that our Sun, like all the stars in our galaxy is also travelling round the galaxy. The reason the sign changes every 2160 years is not Earth’s fault. It is the spiralling path the Sun takes as it circumnavigates our galaxy. The nearly 26,000 year cycle could be described as one Sun year, in exactly the same way Earth uses the 12 zodiac constellations to mark one Earth year. The planets just stay with the Sun. These huge cycles of time were known to our ancestors, both in India and the Americas. They were named, divided and given specific characteristics exactly as we do in current Astrology.

So why do I say the Earth is falling? This is the only description for Earth’s (and the rest of the planets) motion round the Sun. It does not orbit the Sun in a plane, but falls toward it in a spiral motion like a leaf falling to the ground.

Here is the proof.

We use abstract markers to get a fix on Earth’s location at any time. We say Earth rotates on its axis in an Easterly direction. ‘East’ is an abstract location using the first sighting of the Sun after the nightly darkness. In fact, if we fix that location against the background stars (sidereal location) we can see that immediately after sunrise our location starts travelling away from the East as Earth spins on its axis. The Sun appears to rise, then sets in ‘the West’, but it is Earth that turned.

Now for the BIG news.

Earth’s equator is off-kilter to its direction for most of the year. But twice annually it is in exact alignment with the direction it is travelling ’round the Sun’. These are the equinoxes on 22nd March and 22nd September. Relative to its direction it is 66.6° off a direct hit. This is described in astronomy as the axis being off vertical by 23.4°. But the poles are not the direction of Earth’s motion. So as Earth spirals toward the Sun, as with all spirals there are 2 points in a cycle that will have a rotating body in direct alignment with the direction of travel.

Try this thought experiment.

You’re travelling down a spiralling slide. Relative to the direction you are going, you first curve to one side, then it loops round the other direction in its descent. At the point it changes from one side to the other, you are travelling directly toward the base.

Or you could use a mark on a cycle wheel as another example – As it rotates, that mark first approaches the direction the wheel is heading in, then it rotates away until one turn is nearly complete. And again it is in the same direction.

So, Earth (and all the planets) ‘fall’ toward the Sun as our Sun ‘falls’ toward our galaxy. The force causing this motion is what we call “Inertia”.

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