Identity creates “Self Consciousness”

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Everything is consciousness/aware.

But not everything is aware that it is conscious, or so it would seem by the response mechanism of the subject. Whereas we humans can choose to act on the input data we receive, other forms of consciousness seem to merely respond to their environment.

This process of identification is developed through sound, and symbols. Awareness of seasonal changes corresponding with star patterns and the location of the sun and moon takes a huge leap of understanding.

First, you have to register repetitive cycles, such as sunrise/set, moon new/old . Then you see the star patterns repeat (this gives the concept/construct of duration/time). Every one of these observations moves you farther from merely knowing, being, consciousness, to an apparent separation between observer and observed.

This is the separation exit from the garden of Eden. Not the sexual aspect, but knowledge of constructs. Consciousness/awareness sees the constructs. In fact, the “seeing” process is creation.

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