Mental Syntax and the “Difference”

One of the many things the Nagual Don Matus had right was that what we call Reality is a product of our mental syntax. We describe Individuality as a quality of being human. We even look for differences in identical twins. But to arrive at the qualification  “different”, we really mean they have many similarities. In fact, we are searching for the similarities, not the differences. Our definitions have very small parameters as a result of language being written. It is the use of written sounds that has created the boundaries of our current concept of the Reality we live in rather than Reality per se. I allow that logically there must be many Realities. But as Physical beings, we are confined to experience only this Reality which has solidity for us. A Reality of a higher or lower frequency could simply not be experienced by our physical sensors.

When communication was made orally, the parameters of a given sound would be fluid. The sound of the word, the intonation, context, and pitch would all contribute to the meaning of the words when they were spoken. So a sentence spoken on a high hill in a thunderstorm would have a very different meaning than its use said softly by candlelight. Subliminally, we know this. This is how we recognize good writers and poets. They have the ability to achieve the effect of an oral rendition by the arrangement and choice of words they use. The word “different” really implies its opposite. We call that “Human” which complies with a checklist of visual and tactile criteria. If I placed a bottle in front of you and said it spoke to me, that it used Telepathy to communicate and states that it is Human, you would probably think I had drunk the contents! And that it was alcohol. A bottle does not have flesh, limbs or ahead. Without a head, it could not use Telepathy, even if you allow there is such a Power. It is the shape of what we call “bottle”, therefore it is a bottle. But that need not be true. At what point is “human” not human? If something, anything – were able to communicate in a manner you could understand as having come from an intelligent mind, would that make the source human? If it appeared to be human, but flew like a bird and in all its behavior acted like a bird, would you say it was human? This is how we view Reality.

We have learned to write, to use symbols for the sounds we use to communicate, exactly the way Telepathy works using a higher frequency we call the Third Eye (The name derives from the location of the sensor, in the middle of the forehead, and its ability to see without optical vision. In fact, it replicates all our physical sensors, but at a higher frequency, so it feels more intense as a physical description.). But in reducing the sounds into symbols, we detach them from the fundamental point of Existence in this Reality. The sound is inextricably linked to the physical location in Space-Time which it is symbolizing. That may sound fairly abstract but pause for thought. A story is a verbal attempt to recall a series of experiences. The event is not being experienced directly, so the sounds are the means by which the event can be felt. This is where the oral communication has the advantage on the written word. The storyteller is the vehicle to make the event present. In any ritual, the words of the prayer attempted to make the event it represented become a present experience.

The reference was to the ritual of sacrifice when the words of the prayer would make the event it represented become a direct experience of the event. This is exactly what is supposed to happen in the Christian ritual of Holy Communion. In this instance, it is the priest who makes the event present. It is the sound and intonation that act as the vehicle. This is lost in the written word, and why the Old School were against letting their knowledge be put into writing. The loss has been the knowledge of a limitless Reality that can be experienced directly through the vibration of Sound. As Science has come to realize, all Matter is a vibration. If you can say it, it exists.

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