Choosing Reality


Free will implies the ability to manifest reality.

If this is a fact, then reality is an abstract construct. We imagine the laws, rules, and above all patterns. We construct reality from our awareness of cycles.

Repetition, to be observed, requires the ability to separate foreground from background. To do this we have to imagine depth/distance. Whereas physiologically/biologically our eyes see a flat surface of photons of light, our imagination (imaging system) interprets the light. At this level, the first observation requires object/motion, object/stationary. Then depth can only be imagined after seeing foreground/background as a separate in motion/still, but by adding a third object with a different motion, we imagine cycles of motion and time.

These are the building blocks of reality.

Knowing it is an abstract construct gives us the ability to group-think the reality that we want to have, rather than the one the controllers would have us believe – Political Systems, Religion, Media, Science, Education…

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