The Now of Awareness

Awareness in Humans is often mistakenly called Self-awareness. But it is no different than the awareness of a tree, a lizard or cloud. All matter is aware. If we define the term to mean “interact and respond to its environment”, then as research has shown, every atom is self-organizing for the benefit of its own survival. This awareness is identical to the sense of being in the moment “now”. All other thinking (memory, prognosis, abstract thoughts) is another level of awareness, much closer to what we call Self-aware. When we play sports, especially those who are very good, we play in the “now” moment. Every action and reaction are simultaneous with “now”. This Player is Spirit. Spirit is the Observer who selects the action using chemical markers that the Human will experience as an emotion.A good player will act without thinking, even though every action/ reaction can very often be recalled in minute detail, and they will also be able to recall their emotions. It is also true that the specific emotion felt again will automatically trigger the memory of the game. Spirit functions by interpreting the information for the purpose of creating a response. It informs the (human, in this case) body via chemical signals stimulated by the physical sensors that are then experienced and acted on by the autonomous body.

This is easy to understand if you think about it. See a ball speeding toward your head, and unless you’re a footballer, the chances are you’ll duck without thinking about it. Your eyes saw the ball, identified the object, calculated it’s flight, located your head relative to that path, recalled that a speeding object connecting with your head could be painful, then instantly sent the required signals and increased energy supply to the various muscles and joints around your body. Every one of those steps was apparently physical. Yet, the identification of the ball, it’s potential direction and the decision to move your head where all the action of the spirit. I will explain this later.Your spirit is as much a part of you as your body. It is true that it “leaves” your body when you die. It would be more correct to say you die because your spirit has left your body. Current research is now making progress in discovering how much of the bodily functions are the direct effect of non-physical influences.

We have known for a while now that the electromagnetic field (EMF) plays a huge part in the health of the body/mind system. The next step in our self-awareness must come from seeing all Life as being solidified vibrational frequencies. That this is a fact is known by many fields of science. The only reason they are experienced as solid is the similarity of wavelengths. There is any number of examples of this inter-connectedness. The physical damage of nuclear radiation, the healing effect of music, the magnetic attraction felt in love are all the non-physical EMF acting on “solid” bodies. The individual spirit is anchored to the body via the heart. this is the dynamo/ battery/ generator. Without the electric spark ignited and sustained when we start breathing independently from the womb, no mammal could stay alive. Perhaps, now that we have “cloud computing” it will be easier to accept that consciousness does not need to be a product of the physical body. Rather, the animation of the body is caused by spirit/ intelligent EMF. I think one of the new sciences that will give us a greater understanding of this “spirit-emf field” will be Cymatics.

So far, the research has only looked at patterns created by different sounds and frequencies. I have no doubt that in the near future, Life will be created by animating certain materials with specific sound frequencies. What we call color is also a part of the EMF. The frequencies of colors have a direct effect on our bodies, directly stimulating our hormones. All languages describe emotions in terms of color. there are plenty of books that discuss this topic so you can research it yourself. I merely want to show that our physical sensors are specifically designed to be informed by the non-physical world around us.

The importance of focusing on the moment “now” is to get a sense of your awareness that is not self-aware. Deepak Chopra, the famous self-help Guru, gives many examples of meditation that may be better than my suggestion. I find watching myself thinking about how to experience it will give me a glimpse of this Awareness. It feels like someone looking over your shoulder, but that means you have shifted back to being self-aware.

Another way is when you are concentrating on a physical task that demands complete attention. Briefly, as you slip into self-awareness, you will sense this presence near you. That is you. The non-physical you that will continue after your physical death. It is the one who sees your future and your past. It is connected by strong emotionally created bonds to others of its vibration. That is why there are so many anecdotes about loved ones being visited by those departed spirits. This is also how people (and frequently, animals too) communicate over long distances in times of deep stress. The loved one knows what is happening, even if they don’t hear or see the event psychically. If you do not accept that your awareness is non-physical and different from self-awareness, you still are a Being of Awareness.

It would be the same as never learning to walk and then believing legs were some vestige left over from our ancestors, with no purpose at this stage of evolution.  Here is a meditation that may help.

For a thing to be the fastest in the universe, it would have to be everywhere and everywhen instantly. If a thing was to be the slowest in the universe the past, present and future would all be experienced at the moment “now”. When you have pondered those two statements, try to visualize the difference between them.

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