The Great Geometer

We define number and mathematics as the language of God because we believe it is immanent in reality. Even the Atheists would agree that Reality could be described mathematically. We are taught to believe “number ” is to be found everywhere and that humans could communicate without words using the language of math. It is hard to imagine that numbers are an illusion when all around us we can see the patterns and ratios that can be defined mathematically. In fact, humans created the concept from the physical experience of repetitive motion. Be it an ocean wave advancing and retreating or the sun rising and setting, it is the repetition that creates the concept of “number”.

 Fundamental to this observation, experienced at a subliminal level, is the concept of “object/ observer/ background.” By itself, linear motion in any direction relative to any other linear motion cannot detect relative speed/ direction without cyclic motion. In other words, a repeating pattern has to be experienced so the sensation “same as/ different” is seen. It is from this repetition that we can be aware of separation, space and time. But these cycles cannot be experienced without the observer being at the “center of a circle”. This becomes the fulcrum from which all measure can be made. It also generates the concept of Infinity. The illusion is assuming one has merely discovered something that was already there independent of our awareness. Yet the cycles are only seen because Earth rotates on its axis. It is certainly true that Math helps us to communicate ideas better than the spoken word. But it is limited in its scope to understand the underlying reality of existence. It can give us symbolic suggestions of a Creator/ Intelligent Designer, but it cannot explain Existence vs. Non-existence. We have literally created the matrix of what we call Reality using mathematics to define it. But that leaves a vast abyss of experience without a means to communicate it’s existence.

Here is an example. A mental exercise; imagine you are at a point in space able to see our solar system entirely. You will have no sense of direction because you no longer have a sky-ground reference. There will be no way to detect if you are moving or stationary. Exerting energy in one direction will not mean your body will move in the opposite direction. Even though you can see Earth it does not mean you can travel back to it. You do not know it’s direction or speed so how do you set your course? You do not have the stars to guide you. All the patterns you saw from Earth were dependent on your location there. They cannot be seen in space. You see, we need a Horizon to get our bearing. You would not detect motion. Without Earth’s axial rotation, there would be no cycle to use as a reference. The sun would appear as a blindingly bright bulb when you looked at it, but otherwise, there would be total darkness. The Day and Night are effects of location on Earth and has an atmosphere that diffuses the sun’s light. This could not be experienced in space. You would not see the planets orbiting our sun any more than you would see the sun orbiting our galaxy. Your observation of the motion/ direction of any moon would depend on your location relative to the planet. If you were at a location corresponding to Earth’s equator, for example, the moon would appear to rotate in a vertical orbit. Time would be suspended.

Even if you used your heart-beat as a reference you would have no way of converting that to a sense of the “passage of time”. An hour, minute, day would be meaningless. This experience cannot be described mathematically. You could not have conducted any astronomical measures out here. Yet, as an exercise, you used the same faculty to have that experience as you did learning Math and Language. Your imagination is the creator of your Reality. When I said measure comes from the center of a circle, it is you who are at the center. When I said the moon would appear to orbit vertically, it showed that we use our bodies as the fulcrum. Mystics and philosophers have often depicted Humans as microcosms of our universe. Religions describe Humans as being in God’s Image. That is the Key, as it were. Image is singularly related to the Light part of the electromagnetic spectrum. When we use the faculty of imaging/ imagination we are literally lighting a concept.

Our thoughts, however trivial or complex, are created by light. They can call it all the scientific terms as their imagination desires, but the image seen by “mind’s eye” is awareness of light. In other words, when we say we understand, we are saying we can see the idea/object exactly the way our eyes see light. In fact, the process is even closer than that analogy. Our eyes do not see light. they absorb light and via the brain, certain chemicals are stimulated to produce the picture of what is seen. But the actual seeing is happening in exactly the same way as the one that imagines a picture. This is how we are in God’s image. Creation/ Being/ Existence are the product of Awareness.  We can define this as “I AM”, stating “IT IS”. Without that statement everything is potential. With it, everything comes into existence. But it is all Awareness. This is the reason Reflection plays such an important part in religions. I AM is merely reflecting on Being. The universe is a mirror-image of this Being. It will remain mysterious, unknowable, infinite, with only one possible description. It is singular.

That is because Language puts parameters on the meaning of words, to define concepts. Yet, if we used words to describe Aware Existence without a physical vehicle we would use the words No Thing. This is the polar opposite of what we would mean! Though, technically it would be correct. Perhaps this is the mask the Atheists would like to adopt. So they can spend a lifetime arguing the nuances of language and optional meanings of words while knowing they are not refuting the existence of a Creator – merely playing with languages and earning a tidy sum as they pitch their vocabulary against the various religions.

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