Being in God


You have to discover God in you.

That which keeps you alive is God. That which knows you cannot die is God. God is indefinable by the fact that definition requires boundaries. God has no boundaries. When you know that everything you see is real, then you get a sense of God IN you. Seeing this reality through you, as it were.

By “seeing”, I mean your dreams, ideas, creations, as well as the physical world you interact with (and believe is the only reality). Where you place INTENT, that is your reality. You intend the world you call real.

But, unless you can see yourself as more than merely physical, you cannot understand this. It is not the physical aspect of you, but the non-physical we call spiritual.

My personal definition of spiritual is conscious awareness operating in a non-physical environment. We may prefer to call it “dimension”. But, anything that does not comply with our description of physical reality can also be described as being in another dimension.

Of course, this is quite an apt way of describing the way we define reality at the atomic level “atoms all packed together affecting each other when any single atom moves”. The only difference being, that we take one route of cause/effect through a series of actions and then say that all the others are not in our reality, so therefore we are suggesting they are in different dimensions.

A good enough analogy to grasp the concept. By seeing that you are in fact all connected and an action(s) that you are not personally aware of pushes you to the next physical experience, you get a sense of a non-physical awareness that is also a part of you.

Examples are – the circumstances leading to passengers missing a flight that crashes, or the people who missed boarding the Titanic. The events were not guided by Angels or random selection. The higher consciousness created the situation for the self-aware being to then take a specific course of action.

You could say it is the cause of you being physical.



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