666 Decoded


As with all gematria there are many levels of interpretation and understanding in numbers. Each level is unique and cannot be conflated with another level. Hopefully you will soon understand what this means…

The number 666 is infamously called the number of Evil. Not because there is any evidence of this attribute, but the conflation of the description “number of the Beast” with the concept of something vile, destructive and violent.

The oversight is the fact that it was written nearly 2000 years ago in a discussion about the nature of the human condition and physical experience. In trying to differentiate between a spirit realm of existence and a physical realm of existence the term ‘Beast’ literally meant ‘of the physical world’ (dense matter/3D).

The number was very specific. It is the angle off the vertical (or the axial tilt) of Earth relative to its path round the Sun. Whereas geography/astronomy states the poles are tilted 23.4° off the vertical, the direction of motion West to East is the real point of reference. Instead of falling straight down toward the Sun, our equator is at an angle of 66.6° off the vertical drop. In other words, the Earth spirals round the Sun-path at an angle of 66.6° off the direction it is moving in.

There are many megalithic markings implying this was known thousands of years ago. So, the Beast is Earth. Our physical home. The writer was merely pointing out that many would choose this reality instead of a more enhanced spiritual reality. You can’t pretend you’re spiritual. It is merely awareness, more expanded than the physical one. Not just thinking there is a possibility of a non-physical reality. Intent is the link. Intent is from the spirit reality. It has no physical location. Whereas it is what focuses the thought, bunches up the muscles for action, it in itself has no substance. So, until you consciously operate from that level, you are not of the spirit. This is not a bad thing! Awareness in this physical realm is identical to awareness in the spirit world. The only difference is in quantity. An analogy would be a child forming words with letters and the works of Shakespeare.

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