Distance to the Sun


DATA: Earth’s circumference is 24887.64 miles( 40044.2 km)
24887.64 x 365.25 cycles= 90900210 miles
The radius of this circle is 1447485.7miles, the distance to the sun
The sun appears to be 0.5degrees
The length of the circle divided by 720(360×2) will give the real diameter of the sun
90900210/ 720 =12625miles( 20313.6 km)

You may think it is presumptuous of me to make any statement about Science. Having never been to school, let alone studied any of the basic tools (Math, Astronomy, Physics) required for the scientific method. Yet I know science is a study of the world around us using a specific set of Rules that can be tested and repeated by anyone. This is called empirical evidence. This distinguishes it from Art and Religion, subjects that also aim for an understanding of our world and existence. I even coined a phrase I think sums it up. ” Science without empirical evidence is Religion by another name.” This is especially true of Astronomy, perhaps the oldest subject ever studied by Humans. Our fascination with the heavens, as recorded in stone, began well over 5000 years ago.

Monuments around the globe show in their structures knowledge of cycles of Time recording our sun, moon, planets, and stars. That they all still work as star-clocks shows the accuracy of the designers and their purpose. It also shows empirically that our planet and all the heavenly bodies alter their relative cycles predictably. This is the foundation for my proof that the sun is much nearer than Modern Astronomy states. This means the moon is closer too, so nothing has landed on it. It also means the distance to Mars is wrong, so the film footage is not being sent from that planet.

I recall an illustration of a person levitating in front of an awe-struck audience. The caption explained this drawing was a factual record they had personally witnessed. I do not state categorically that physical levitation is an impossibility. I merely want more evidence than a drawing and one person’s statement. Likewise, when the evidence for space-travel is film footage produced a quarter of a century after the first sci-fi movies were made, we can hardly call that scientific proof. I am not going to elaborate on the technical details that invalidate the photographic evidence or the proof given by rocket scientists regarding the fuel. All this information is readily available on the internet.

I want to look at this from another angle.


You see, the stone monuments record time and length. Our units of length that we call “mile”, “yard”, “foot” and “inch” are embedded in the structure and layout of all the Megalithic sites. As such, they really are astronomical clocks. Like any clock, the length the marker travels before repeating the pattern has to be uniform. There cannot be varying lengths between 1 and 2o’clock and another length for 9 to 10 o’clock. So length and time have a direct relationship. This is fundamental to Astronomy. I personally believe the length-unit was derived from observing consecutive star-rises. This was inspired by a hypothesis proposed in Uriel’s Machine/ the ancient origins of science- by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. They thought the length of the Megalithic yard may have been based on the swings of a pendulum. I have not tested my own hypothesis, but it is far more likely they observed that star-rise was earlier daily. By placing a Marker for each consecutive star-rise they would walk East to synchronize their sighting with sunset. This difference may be the Gaz, a unit of measure very close to the “yard”. If they had noted the varying motion seasonally of the sun’s path, especially at different Latitudes, there would be a need to find a better Constant. After all, the idea that the stars also move is historically a new concept. The length recorded would not only be Earth’s real speed relative to the stars, but also a length of space. Although there is a widespread belief that our ancestors knew the length of the circumference of the Earth, that is not necessarily true. Once they correlated Length with Time based on Earth’s speed, it would result in any division of a circle corresponding with the same division on our planet. Consider the 24hour clock at the Greenwich Observatory. No-one discusses this amazing piece of technology these days- mainly because it would erase most of the Theories on Time and Space that are being circulated, but the fact that it shows the correlation between Time and Space and the real speed of Earth cannot be denied. But, again, one would not need to know the length of Earth’s circumference to build that clock. All that needs to happen is for the clock-hands to complete one cycle in sync with one Earth cycle. Of course, you can extrapolate the measurement of the clock to deduce the size of Earth. I even invented an equation for that! See the Diagrams of the God Equation.

I hope that has shown empirically our units in Length are directly linked to our Units of Time. So, when we say One Hour, we mean 1/24 of an axial cycle. This is the only detectable motion on Earth. We know by observation, the planets “orbit” our sun. This means Earth acts exactly like a ball rolling along. Therefore it’s hourly speed cannot be other than the length of the circumference divided by the 24.25 hours it takes to complete one cycle (just over 1000miles per hour). Here is where the whole edifice of Modern Astronomy collapses. The length of Earth’s orbit around the sun cannot be other than Earth’s circumference x 365.25 cycles(days). This is 24887.64×365.25= 9090210.5miles( 14626148km.). The radius of this circle is about 1.4million miles( 2252600km). This means the sun is only slightly larger than Earth.

Modern Astronomy states Earth’s speed is 67122 miles(108000km) per hour. This figure has been derived from the orbital length Earth would travel in one year based on the sun being 93000000 miles(149600000km) away. There is not one piece of evidence to support this hypothesis. It would seem the distance and size of the sun were re-discovered after the translation of the works of Aristarchus of Samos(310-230 B.C) in the 1400’s. Prior to this, the belief was of a geocentric universe, where everything revolved around a stationary earth. From the 1400’s onward, the Science Revolution went from strength to strength, with the formation of scientific societies that would morph into Institutions around the globe. By 1864, these Organizations agreed by consensus that the distance to the sun was about 91 million miles.

The only record of any “proof” for this measure was the work of Aristarchus. The so-called “stellar parallax of Mars” experiment conducted by Cassini and the “speed of Light” as calculated by Ole Roemer cannot be used as evidence. The Cassini experiment would have produced two lines so close as to be a single line. Either angle being less than 0.0025degrees. Roemer assumed the distance to the sun to be 93 million miles and that light traveled twice that distance in 1000 seconds. He had the right data. He merely misinterpreted it. See the “God Equation and Roemer’s data” in the diagrams. Currently, all experiments that have been done to either find the speed of Light or measure the distance to the sun are Circular Arguments. In each case, one or the other is assumed to be correct. So, when designing a Light Speed experiment, the distance to the sun is 93 million miles and measuring the sun’s distance, Light is assumed to travel at 186 500 miles a second.

I know from having attempted to get my work reviewed over the years that there are many scientists aware of the discrepancies. Their usual tactic is to try to mock dismissively due to my lack of academic qualifications, but when asked for empirical proof they revert to the silent treatment. There are careers at stake. Institutions, once established are hard to alter. That is the pity of it. Every major country in the world is complicit in perpetrating what is called Scientific Misconduct. No need to even mention Academia. There are two points that should concern every one of you, whether or not you have an interest in Astronomy. The huge sums of money taken out of taxes not only for Academic research but also “Space Exploration”. If the Megalithic structures prove the length of time and space, they also show the distances. In which case, what you’re paying for is a fairy-tale, without the thrill of a Star Wars trilogy. More important, the “venerable” Institutions that are spoken of with reverence usually reserved for Religious Institutes are keeping you in the dark deliberately. I cannot exaggerate the importance of critical thinking, which is not part of the formative education system anywhere. I may be wrong. But without empirical evidence to show where there is a flaw in the hypothesis, it cannot be dismissed.

I recommend the following books:
Uriel’s Machine by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas
Hamlet’s Mill By Giorgio Santillana & Hertha von Dechend

The size and distance to the sun that has dictated the size of the solar system and Earth’s speed were arrived at via a dream. According to Modern Astronomy, it happened to be correct.

Yet this same authority states that the Earth wobbles on its axis taking about 26000 years to complete one cycle. This figure is derived from empirical evidence that the stars rise almost 4 minutes earlier relative to the setting sun daily. It amounts to one degree every 72 years. So, with the Zodiac divided into 12 signs a new sign rises with the Spring Equinox sun every 2160 years( 72 x 30= 2160). That they use the empirical evidence for one piece of information( precession of the equinoxes), but another measure for the sun’s distance seems to have gone unquestioned for over 500 years!

But if that dreamer had been correct and Earth really was traveling at 67122mph( 108000kmph), then when the stone monuments were built around the world their alignments would incorporate this speed. So, when they defined the minute as 1/60 of an hour, resulting in the 4-minute early star-rise, the “mile” would also be incorporating this speed. After all, both are merely fractions of Earth’s axial cycle being aligned with stone Markers. This would mean that the only speed measurable would be the axial rotation based on the length of the circumference, just as we do with a milometer.

There is the other problem created by that speed. Surely a force acting on Earth that produced a speed other than the milometer method would also act on all the other planets in the solar system? The fact that Astronomy accepts 26000-year wobble confirms both the length of a mile and the speed of Earth relative to the stars. As you can read in more detail in the essay ” The return of the heavenly king”, this time-lapse of 4 minutes is proof that the whole solar system is moving around the Zodiac. It is our sun that progresses 4 minutes daily appearing to move backward through the star-signs, just as the view from a moving car seems to rush in the opposite direction to the vehicle. Our ancestors knew this. Their Markers were designed to track this timetable. They knew the correlation between events in the heavens and those on Earth were inextricably linked. If we do not endeavor to understand the importance of Astrology, we only have our ignorance to guide us. The so-called worship of Orion and Sirius are concepts attributed to our ancestors because they gave these star groups so much importance. No-one seems to have considered the possibility that their importance was due to the fact that their location in the heavens dictates where we are relative to our galaxy.   

See Video – End of the World, A New Reality.

2 responses to “Distance to the Sun”

  1. I’m glad to see you’re skeptical and that you like to perform your own calculations. I hope you’re open to some corrections.

    >>DATA: Earth’s circumference is 24887.64 miles( 40044.2 km)

    >>24887.64 x 365.25 cycles= 90900210 miles
    Your arithmetic is correct, but multiplying these two values has no particular meaning.

    >>The radius of this circle is 1447485.7miles, the distance to the sun
    If the 90900210 miles you quote above were the distance that the Earth travelled when orbiting the sun, then yes, the radius of such a circle would indeed be 1447485.7miles, as you calculate. (Let’s ignore for now that the earth moves in an ellipse rather than a circle).

    >>We know by observation, the planets “orbit” our sun. This means Earth acts exactly like a ball rolling along
    This assertion is incorrect. The Earth does _not_ move like a ball rolling along; it moves more like a spinning top. In other words, the speed that the Earth moves round the Sun is nothing to do with the speed that the Earth revolves on its own axis (hence the spinning top analogy).

    I hope the above clarifies and that you can redo some of your calculations.


  2. You say it’s my assertion. But your statement is also an assertion. There is no evidence or proof that our sun is about 93 million miles away. The distance was agreed by consensus of the astronomical societies. There is in fact no empirical proof for this distance. Every experiment was later shown to be flawed. The speed of Light was established before the distance to the sun. Yet it was based on the sun being 93 mill. miles away. So any experiment using the speed of Light is a circular argument. The problem with Earth moving round the sun at a speed greater than it’s axial speed is this. Any force acting on Earth so as to cause greater speed (like a car aquaplaning) would also affect all other planets. This would cancel out the concept because our unit of length over time would include this motion. We can see from monuments built thousands of years ago all over the world that Earth’s speed is predictable. The monuments work like clocks. My research shows the “gaz” seemed to be the unit that produced all other measures. It is 33.3 inches if memory serves me correctly. Nothing suggests these astronomers conceived of an abstract force pushing Earth along at a speed greater than axial rotation. The Return of the King is an astronomical marker. See Keeper of Genesis by Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock. They show how the Egyptians were tracking the Orion Group. They demonstrated how this rising and descending motion of the constellation is cyclic. Our sun first approaches then recedes from it. We call this precession but Earth is not wobbling. Our sun spirals through space exactly as the planets spiral round the sun. These huge cycles of time are an extrapolation of Earth’s axial rotation- specifically the length of a day. There is no other motion we experience from which to deduce cycles or varying units of length.


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