It is described as a process whereby the earth wobbles on its axis in such a way that every 2160 years, on the Spring equinox (March 21/22) a new zodiac sign will rise just as the sun gives a new dawn. On the Spring equinox, half an hour after the sun had risen, Aquarius followed Pisces. This was 1945AD and the start of the Aquarian influence. For the next 500 years, there will be an overlapping of Pisces/Aquarius, in exactly the same way the signs overlap monthly in the period called The Cusp. But by 2485AD Aquarius will be the rising sign at the Spring equinox. And when Orion reaches its zenith on the Southern Meridian, the Heavenly King will once again rule over all the Earth. This constellation was the God – King Osiris of Egyptian mythology.

Archaeo-astronomy is a new subject studying the knowledge of Cosmology in antiquity. Sites such as Stonehenge, Newgrange and the Avenue of the Dead in Mexico are all aligned with cosmic events. But the most studied and comprehensive example has to be the Pyramids and Sphinx in Giza, Egypt. What is not common knowledge is the precision in time and space that these monuments represent. At sunrise on the Spring equinox, 10,500BC, the Sphinx would be gazing directly at its stellar counterpart in the shape of the constellation of Leo. At the same time, the constellation of Orion was starting its journey up the Southern Meridian (if you were facing East with arms outstretched, your right hand would be pointing to Orion). And the three Belt stars of Orion would correspond with the three pyramids. And the Milky Way, our galaxy, would be mirrored by the Nile river. Historically, the Egyptians called this Zep tepi, meaning First Time. I think a better interpretation would be Start-time.

For this was the moment fixed on Earth in stone that could then be used as a constant, enabling humans to calculate into the future, past and in space with incredible accuracy. It is especially helpful in understanding astronomical events. But equally, can be used as a calendar for earthly activity. Only political self – interest would bury this knowledge. Even now, there are many institutions completely ignoring this evidence. But anyone can check the data. Look at any book on Astronomy for the meaning of precession.

The influences of the zodiac signs are an empirical fact. The cause may be the location of the sun relative to the galaxy being affected by some form of radiation that then affects the whole solar system. Or it may be the influence of the constellations. We have yet to discover. This much is true. Each age of 2160 years has a different sign. And on Earth, civilizations have been governed by the sign of the age. This, the age of Pisces, (whose symbol is 2 fish) is a water sign. It began in 325AD, the same time the Roman emperor Constantine adapted Christianity for his own power and glorification.* it was no accident that the following thousand years were called the Dark Ages. As a water sign, the ruler would keep everything submerged. Knowledge was considered evil. Seekers of knowledge were persecuted. And in its positive aspect, humans mastered the craft of shipping, which would be the signature advance made in the last 2000 years. Our language is full of Piscean symbolism. We use phrases such as underworld, in deep water, bank (correctly used, this is the edge of a river), swallowed up, sunk, sinking, drowning, out of one’s depth – all water-related terms to describe something other than their original meaning. But there are other wonders to behold. * For the full story read ‘ The Magdalene Legacy’ and ‘Keepers of Genesis’.

Aquarius is an Air sign. Is it mere coincidence that air travel and exploration of space began in the last century? In its negative aspect, we have atomic and nuclear bombs. Communication is via the ether in the form of satellites and the electromagnetic waves. And the natural disasters are predominantly air and water-related catastrophes. But what is Precession? Does the Earth really wobble? The simple answer is NO. Astronomers have agreed the Sun moves ‘through’ the galaxy. And so, like passengers in an airplane, all the objects in the solar system go along on the ride. If the plane you were seated in was flying over Europe, you would not expect to see America out of your window. As the Sun journeys ‘through’ space, it spirals exactly like our planet does round the Sun. As it turns, the view from window earth slowly changes from one constellation to the next. Until after 25,920 years, the cycle begins again. The rising and descent of Orion is proof that the Sun approaches then recedes from this constellation. Just as a mountain will lie low on the horizon until it climbs higher and higher as we get nearer to it. The Egyptians aligned their stone markers to demonstrate how the Heavens worked. In the Spring equinox of 2485AD, the Son of Heaven will rule as Orion reaches its zenith. And there will be a new First Time. This is the Dragon Swallowing its tail. May the force be with you.

‘The following list of books have helped form my ideas.

THE MAYAN PROPHECIES, by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell

KEEPER OF GENESIS, Robert Bauval, and Graham Hancock

THE ORION MYSTERY, by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert



THE ATLANTIS BLUEPRINT, by Rand Flem-Ath and Colin Wilson

THE TIMETABLES OF SCIENCE, by Alexander Hellemans and Bryan Bunch

THE SIRIUS MYSTERY, by Robert Temple


THE MAGDELENE LEGACY, by Laurence Gardner

I CHING or  book of changes, The Richard Wilhelm translation
( with a foreword by C. G. Jung)


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