What is Intelligence?

This may surprise many, but it is the ability to propagate the species to its optimum benefit. If the species survives, the intelligence that enabled its survival is the greatest intelligence to be had.

Think about it, no matter how much you know, if you cannot pass this knowledge on to another of your species it is of no consequence.

Given extreme conditions for survival (extreme weather, famine, drought, war, disease, natural catastrophes) those who survive do not need to be physicists, politicians or judges, they merely need to have the ability to adapt very quickly to their new environment.

This combined with their fertility and instructions to their progeny is the sign of intelligence.

To survive, you must change your frequency/vibration. If you don’t raise it and aspire to your full ability, you will get stuck so low that it will take many cataclysms before you will experience the higher frequencies again.

The point is, that is who we are. That higher frequency that loves, plays, sings, dances, cares for everything. That is who we really are. The rest is twisted nonsense meant to lower our frequency. The proof is in our bodies.

The above-mentioned activities and emotions all produce beneficial chemistry. These are the hormones that govern the balance of our body/mind system. When we feel pleasure/joy our vibration increases. Until finally we attain that ‘one with all’ sensation. The controllers know this.

They just don’t want you to know it. They use fear as a weapon because it produces a very depressing mix of hormones. They also encourage drugs, sex, speed, and consumerism as a social right, as these are all substitutes for the ‘real thing’. Anyone who can vocalize their feelings will know the difference of emotion experienced with the aid of that list, or the real sensation experienced with falling in love, being a parent, being a child that is loved.

Even when you have not had some or all of those experiences, there is a yearning for it. The same sense of love and awe can be felt when watching a sunset or storm, a peaceful valley village or the first spring blossom. Music also helps produce hormones for good or ‘bad’. I don’t really like to use that word because technically neither are one or the other! What we call ‘good’ is a frequency that is in harmony with our own frequency. This resonance increases our frequency. That is why ‘pleasure’ and high are almost interchangeable in common language. Obviously ‘bad’ means it lowers our frequency or jars it by being out of resonance with us.

The higher frequency gives us the direct experience of what we call angelic realms.

In other words, our experience at that frequency feels as physical as this reality feels at this frequency, the ‘bad’ vibe experiences what we call hell, to the degree we feel ‘bad’/ or low frequency, we will experience that intensity of discomfort.

What we call ‘guilt’ is a chemical signature that imbalances the system. It could be described as a mirror-image of adrenaline. Instead of getting a surge of energy for flight or fight, the system shuts down. Everything withdraws into itself. This is why language associates ‘shrunken’ ‘reduction’ ‘decrease’ as negative terms.

Terms such as ‘small minded’, petty (petite) ‘ ‘only a small’… are all derogatory.

This is why you are trained as early as possible to produce the hormones associated with guilt. All the better to control you. It is not only religions that instill it in their doctrine. All social structures from the family to the state deliberately create the feeling of guilt to control the people.

It is not ‘knowing’, but knowing what’s important out of all of the incoming data.

The real purpose of defining ‘intelligence’ as a trophy was propaganda. The same principle that dictates your worth in terms that benefit the communicator.

By attributing certain skills and methodologies to ‘intelligence’, a barrier is created in the imagination. In other words, you have to imagine one group against another. By creating this barrier, the communicator controls both sides of the narrative.

Their purpose is to control. Your purpose is to survive – as a species.

Once you understand intelligence is about your ability to optimize your personal potential in harmony with your environment, and nothing to do with your mathematical, linguistic or physical skills, you can live free of the controllers.

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