What is the meaning of life?

Whatever you do in your life, your actions cause a change in the system. This is the nub, the essence of the question “what is life’s purpose?” Or “Is there meaning to life?”

Your actions are; spontaneous, reactive, planned or dictated.

When you choose a lifestyle that merely “tows the line” of the society you share, then your actions are of low energy. This would require a very large group, a critical mass to have any effect. The more rules to be complied with, the lower the energy output.

When you plan your actions, the result will cause more change. The outcome will depend on your intent for good or bad. When you merely respond to your environment you are being reactive. This has a greater energy than simply complying, but this is the energy manipulated by societies via propaganda, where the disinformation is intended to produce a specific, reactive response. You personally gain little and as part of a critical mass, the advantage goes to the manipulators. Governments, religion’s, mainstream media and big business all deploy these tactics with specific outcomes predicted, to work to their advantage.

For example, the right to abortion, illegal immigration, and national security are just some topics that are flagged by many countries randomly to create the illusions of individual participation in social governance.

The most self-empowering, productive action is spontaneous. This is the one we call creative/impulsive. The action requires the dual process of mind and body, spirit and matter.

All social progress comes from this. For a people to enhance their lives, the individual must act from this energy source. The Arts, sciences, and invention all are the product of people acting creatively.

By enhancing life, we expand on the original blueprint of abundance, diversity, and evolution.

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