The moons distance revisited

Data used for calculating moons distance from earth:   Earths dimensions: Wikipedia Moons rise/set times – Time and Date Moons location above earth: Sub Solar/Lunar Point           The diagram above shows the minimum distance for an object to be seen by half the planet simultaneously. Any farther, then like the sun, half the planet […]

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The God Equation

All astronomical measurement is only possible using predictable cycles of motion.  A ‘Day’ is one turn of the Earth on its axis.  A ‘Year’ is one cycle of the Earth round the Sun.  There is also the moon’s cycle of 27.32 days, and Precession of the Equinoxes, which I will discuss later. Our measure of […]

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Distance to the Moon

Our moon is still as mysterious and magical as when our ancestors accorded it god-like powers. Second, only to the sun in its influence on Mother Earth, it causes the oceans to move, affects the growth of all life and most definitely stirs the imagination. Yet we still know very little about it. Obviously, I […]

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